In today’s ever expanding job force, companies are looking for the most experienced, yet most versatile employees to lead their companies.  Many times, traditional college is either not enough or not exactly what employers are looking for. It’s difficult to figure out which direction to go in when employers require tech AND business experience, company knowledge and real-life experience with customers or a certain product or service. Add to that a desire for proven expertise over multiple domains, platforms, and systems.

Earning an IT certification can assist you in acquiring the right knowledge, the right experience and the right training to make you a valuable asset to any company.  New Horizons offers multiple certifications from the industry’s top vendors.  From Microsoft Office Specialist to Security and Network Infrastructure Specialist (SNIS), New Horizons can improve your position within your current organization or launch a possibly new career elsewhere.

It is because of the digital transformation agenda driving many businesses that organizations can ill afford to ignore the value it (certifications) provides.  “The importance of IT certification” by Llewellyn Helberg (

Technology skills such as Database Administration, Project Management, IT Security and IT Optimization are in high demand.  You could be as well.  In this Tech Talk article, IT industry professionals make their case for the importance of IT certifications.  Click on the picture to read the article.