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New Horizons Albany Learning Methods
 Preparing For Class

Use this guide to make sure your system is properly configured. Please make sure to complete these steps on the computer and at the location you will be attending class from. This should be completed two to three days before the class start to avoid any potential issues on the first day of class.

 OLL Connection Requirements
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The standard Online LIVE classroom environment is comprised of a customized instance of Adobe Connect and supports computers running either the Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® Macintosh® operating system.

 The Day of Class
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When you're ready to start your class, use this guide to make sure your system is properly configured. Allow 30 minutes to complete these steps. Please make sure to complete these steps at the location and on the computer you will be using before your scheduled class start time.

 Access Lab Machine via GoToMyPC

Some classes may require that you connect to your Lab machine using GoToMyPC. On the day of class, please connect to the class via Adobe Connect before you connect to GoToMyPC.

 Connecting to "Labs on Demand" (LoD)

Labs on Demand is a cloud-based technical lab training environment designed specifically for New Horizons students.

 Post-Class Resources for OLL Students

We understand that your class is packed with a lot of information each day. You may playback your recorded class and access most labs for up to 6 months if available.

 Accessing Digital Courseware

For students attending Microsoft Technical classes, instructions for redeeming your Microsoft courseware license key.